Foundation Day 2016 paves the way towards the 125th anniversary of the Rockhampton Girls Grammar School. As such, the theme this year is the heritage listed ‘A. H. Paterson Memorial Drive’. Homage is also paid to Cyclone Marcia, which just over a year ago, caused significant damage to aspects of the driveway. The story of Mr Paterson’s contributions to the School can be found more fully in Betty Cosgrove’s The Wider View; however, we seek to explore a part of that story here in the Paterson Hall. A. H. Paterson is but one of numerous examples of the connections that exist between the School and the wider community of Central Queensland. A pillar of the community, he was also the longest serving chairman of the Board of Trustees.

How many of our community have wondered why the Schoolhouse is named ‘Paterson House’; when did this come about? These questions will be answered as you tour through this pop-up exhibition. Further information can be found on the Paterson Hall Heritage Museum website.

Enjoy a sample of what you will see in the exhibition!
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